Care Plans & Servicing

Boiler and central heating problems can be costly. If your boiler and central heating system isn’t regularly looked after you could see yourself facing boiler breakdowns with cost of repairs adding up, or you may need to buy a new boiler altogether, which can be costly.

Care Plans and Servicing for your boiler


Regular care and maintenance can prevent unexpected and unwanted problems occurring.

This is why we offer our Boiler Service and Boiler Cover.

A reliable service for your heating system that offers peace of mind.

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Care Plans and Servicing for your boiler

Common Boiler breakdowns across the Southampton area

Boiler Service

For a small monthly premium you can enjoy one of our Heat Shield cover plans. This includes an annual boiler service by one of our certified Gas Safe registered engineers.

Depending on the level of cover you choose, your boiler and central heating will be covered for all parts and labour in the event of a breakdown.

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Boiler Cover

Although regular boiler servicing will help maintain your boiler and look after your heating system there is still the risk that your boiler will be beyond repair.

To avoid unwanted costs, our boiler cover can prepare you for any unexpected surprises and cover some or all of the costs of your new boiler.

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Boiler breakdowns across the Southampton area

Boiler Breakdown Assistance

Cover Plans

Our care plans and services are in place to give you reassurance and help you avoid being without heating or hot water for long periods of time.

You never have to worry that you’ll be left with a large bill or a failed heating system.

If you are a landlord, our care plans and services mean you never have to worry about breaking any laws by not having your boiler annually checked.

Our services are carried out by our fully qualified, Gas Safe registered engineers.

All work carried out on your property will be done to the highest standard and in keeping with current regulations.

You’ll also receive all the necessary paperwork to show your boiler is in good working condition.

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