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There is nothing worse than a boiler breakdown in the middle of a cold winter, waiting days for someone to come out and take a look, not to mention the worry over what this is going to cost you. At Heatworks we want to take the stress out of your central heating system. We can offer you boiler cover that protects you from any unexpected problems and costs.

Boiler Service in Southampton

When it comes to boiler servicing in Southampton, our team at Heatworks offer quality boiler services to homeowners in the local area. Our professional heating engineers provide the highest standard of boiler services in Southampton and the surrounding areas. Should you require a boiler check-up or service, we will find the right option to suit your every need. Simply get in touch with us today to book your boiler servicing in Southampton and we will arrange your boiler service at a time to best suit you.

As one of the leading providers of boiler servicing in Southampton, Heatworks are here to service all makes and models of boilers. With years of experience and a team of highly trained and qualified engineers on hand, you can always count on Heatworks for the best boiler service in Southampton. We’ll ensure that your boiler is performing efficiently and safely all year round, and if it isn’t we’ll be the first to let you know.

We have been installing, repairing and servicing boilers for many years now and have a wealth of knowledge and experience. So, if you’re looking to book a boiler service in Southampton, look no further, our team of qualified engineers at Heatworks and we’ll be on hand to help.


Servicing your boiler

Having your boiler serviced regularly helps to reduce the risk of future problems with your boiler, it’s extremely important that you get your boiler serviced annually. By doing this, our team will check for any problems and make sure that your system is running exactly as it should be. We can also make adjustments to your boiler if they are required, so that we can make sure that everything is operating as normal.

Servicing your boiler will not only improve the efficiency and performance, it can also save you money. This is of course something we all wish we could do, but with Heatworks you can. Whether your boiler servicing saves you money from preventing any major risks, or on your bills, we’re confident in the amount of benefits a boiler service has to offer.

Upon choosing us, our team will visit your property and complete various checks on your boiler. We will run a series of tests to ensure that the functions are running as usual. If your boiler isn’t running properly, you can be at risk of spending more on your energy bills. This could potentially mean that your hot water may not work as best it could. But don’t panic as Heatworks have a solution to help. Our boiler servicing will put you back in control of your heating, without the stress of any potential risks or paying over the odds on your bills.

Boiler Service Southampton

Benefits of a boiler service

Here at Heatworks we strongly believe that servicing your boiler can help avoid any expensive boiler breakdowns in the future. When your boiler is regularly serviced and maintained, any potential risks or problems can be resolved, which avoids a costly breakdown. Having offered our boiler servicing in Southampton for many years now, we know how beneficial it is to have your boiler serviced regularly. With that said, here are our top five benefits of a boiler service:

  1. 1. Minimised risk of a future problem or breakdown
  2. 2. Increased energy efficiency
  3. 3. Extended boiler life
  4. 4. Safe operation of your boiler
  5. 5. Huge peace of mind

Some things you can’t put a price on, and the safety of you and your loved ones is just that. One of the ways you can ensure that your home is safe to live in is having a regular boiler service. Not only are they important for checking the function and operation of the boiler, they are a daily asset. And, within time problems can occur, it’s only natural. But with a regular boiler service you can minimise the risk of a boiler breakdown or any issues from arising.

Don’t delay in booking your boiler service in Southampton and call Heatworks today to find out more about our services.


What happens in a boiler service?

When you choose Heatworks for your boiler servicing in Southampton, we’ll always do our best to make the process as smooth and stress free as possible. Customer satisfaction is our main priority, as well as the safety of your boiler and home. With that said, Heatworks will always complete your boiler service to the highest standard, to make sure that your boiler and home is safe.

Whilst completing the boiler service, our team will make various checks and tests, this is to ensure that the system and components and are fully functioning and there are no issues. With lots of people ask questions regarding what happen in a boiler service, we thought it was best to spare any confusion, and outline some of the key details below…

  • Corrosion checks
  • Leak checks
  • Control checks
  • Main component checks (we’ll remove the outer casing for this)
  • Gas pressure checks
  • Flue test (check for unsafe emissions)
  • Boiler and component cleaning (where required)

Our team will always do all that is required to ensure that your boiler is running safely and smoothly. That said, our boiler servicing usually only takes one visit, and this is something we take great pride in. Should any problems arise in the service, we will quickly resolve them, or arrange a near date to fix them at your earliest convenience.

Boiler Servicing Southampton

Reasons to choose Heatworks

With many reasons why, you should choose Heatworks for your boiler servicing in Southampton, we believe that we offer the best boiler service around. Our friendly and reliable time are here for you when your boiler service is due, and we’re always happy to provide any advice and information about our boiler servicing too. This is one of the main reasons why we believe that we’re the first choice for those looking for boiler servicing Southampton.

There are numerous reasons to choose Heatworks for your boiler service, which has lead us to outline some of the main points below. Some of the reasons why you should choose Heatworks for your boiler servicing in Southampton and the areas surrounding include:

  • Professional team – Our team are highly professional and we all strive to deliver the best boiler servicing in our local area.
  • Years of experience – Heatworks have been providing boiler services in Southampton for many years now, so you can trust us for all your boiler related needs.
  • Reliable – With all our boiler services, we’re here for you whenever you need to be. Simply call our team today to book your boiler service at a time that suits you.
  • Passionate about what we do – We’re really passionate about what we do, and our boiler servicing is no different. We’ll always do our utmost to ensure the best results.
  • Cost friendly – All our services are priced to be friendly and affordable, which is why we take great pride in our competitive prices. Waste no time and contact us today for your free quote!

If you would like to know more about us, or our boiler services be sure to get in touch with us today. Our team are always happy to discuss your options, and even walk through the process of our boiler service. With that said, don’t put off booking your boiler service and call Heatworks to receive your free boiler servicing estimate. We’re here to keep the costs down both in the long and short term. So, not only are our boiler services affordable, they can also save you money in the future!

Urgent boiler service

There’s never a good time to be without hot water or a boiler. So, when your boiler stops working, it may seem as though it’s happened at the worst possible time, but our team if professionals will be there for you. We understand how important your boiler is, and how we all rely on our boilers on a daily basis. So, when a boiler breakdown does occur we appreciate that the timing is never great. To help take away the stress of any breakdowns or problems, Heatworks offer an urgent boiler service to help get your boiler back up and running as soon as possible.

Why should I service my boiler?

At Heatworks we believe that servicing your boiler can help to avoid costly boiler breakdowns and repairs. When it comes to the reasons to have a boiler service, Heatworks know all too well the importance. Whether it be to reduce any potential risks or issues, or simply because your annual service is due, Heatworks are here to help.

We have been providing boiler servicing in Southampton and the surrounding areas for many years now. Regardless of your specific needs and requirements, we’re here to ensure that your boiler is operating in a safe manner. Don’t put off having your boiler service in Southampton and call Heatworks today to book in your service. For your own peace of mind, make sure you get your boiler serviced annually and let Heatworks cater to your every need.

Book your boiler service in Southampton with Heatworks

Should you be looking for a team of experts who provide boiler services in Southampton, make sure you call Heatworks. Our team of certified heating engineers are here to carry out efficient boiler servicing locally. We have the skills needed to make sure you receive the highest standard of services at all times. For more information on boiler services in Southampton, be sure to get in touch with our team and they will be more than happy discuss your options. We can also help with any questions you may have regarding your boiler service in Southampton. So, book your boiler service in Southampton with Heatworks and call us today to find out more.


We also provide our boiler servicing across: Hampshire, Dorset, Bournemouth, Fareham, Portsmouth, Winchester, WhiteleyChandlers Ford, Poole and Eastleigh.


How much is a boiler service?

The cost of our boiler services are priced on an individual basis. Allowing us to provide the most accurate, cost friendly boiler services to all our clients, we ask that you get in touch with our team to discuss our prices. From there, we will be able to quote you on your boiler once we have an idea of your boiler brand, model, the heating system, usage of your heating system etc.

How long does a boiler service take?

Servicing a boiler is often a very quick and painless process. Based upon your boiler brand, model, and the age of your boiler, this can affect the length of time it takes to complete your boiler service. Generally, the older the boiler the longer it will take, as we will spend greater time in looking at the condition of your boiler and correcting any potential issues or risks. Also, large heating systems may also impact the time taken to service the boiler. As always, Heatworks will always do our utmost to try and service your boiler as quick as possible.

Can I book my boiler service?

Of course. Simply call our team on 02380 445 123 and we will arrange a time and date to complete your boiler servicing that’s best for you.

What types of boiler can you service?

As boiler servicing specialists, we’re able to service all makes and models of boilers. The two most popular boiler brands we work with are Vaillant and Worcester Bosch boilers. No matter how new or old your boiler is, Heatworks will be able to service your boiler to a high standard, with your safety and well-being as our priority. Our team at Heatworks also provide servicing and installations on gas boilers and oil boilers.

Do you offer any other boiler services in Southampton?

Yes. Here at Heatworks we offer various boiler services in Southampton and the surrounding areas. Some of our other services include: boiler repairsboiler installationsboiler breakdowns, boiler financeboiler cover and new boilers.

Your boiler service in Southampton

If your boiler is due its service, look no further than Heatworks. We’re here to cater to your every need, whilst ensuring that your boiler is safe to use and operate. Simply call our team today on 02380 445 123 to book your boiler service in Southampton, and we’ll take care of you from there.

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Heatworks’ boiler cover is available to all homes and businesses in the Hampshire and Dorset areas. We cover Southampton, Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Winchester and Eastleigh. To find out whether you can get boiler cover in your area please contact us.

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