Central Heating in Southampton

Are you considering a new central heating system? Or does your current one need some maintenance?

If you are based in Southampton or surrounding areas then Heatworks can provide you with reliable and friendly central heating services.

Central Heating In Southampton

Your central heating system provides you with heat throughout your home and hot water on tap making your life more comfortable. It is often something we take for granted until it breaks down, then we really notice just how much we rely on it.

There are a few types of central heating systems; wet systems, warm air systems and storage heaters. Wet systems are probably the most common in modern houses, they use a boiler and heat exchange to circulate hot water through a system of pipes to radiators throughout the property.

Heatworks have been fitting central heating systems in domestic and commercial properties for many years. We offer our high levels of service to private owners, landlords and commercial property owners across the board.

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Common Boiler breakdowns across the Southampton area

What Central Heating System Is Right For You?

If you’re looking to install a new central heating system in Southampton we can advise and fit the right system for your property needs.

The system required will depend on a few influencing factors;

  • is there a mains gas supply into the property?
  • is there space for a hot water cylinder?
  • is there space for a cold water storage system?
  • how much space is there for the boiler itself?


Each of these factors will help us find the most efficient system for you. Once we know which central heating system to install we can also ensure you have the most efficient new boiler for your property.

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