Power Flushing in Fareham

Heatworks offer power flushing services throughout Fareham area. Our power flush service is delivered by our experienced engineers and promises great results.

Power Flushing in Fareham

Over time your heating system may experience poor circulation from a build up of limescale and corrosion.

This build up can result in lukewarm radiators, poor hot water, increased noise and sludge build up.

All this contributes to your central heating system giving a poor performance, which could lead to further problems and increased gas bills.

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What Is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is a technique used to clear out the build up of sludge in your central heating system pipes, radiators, coils and heat exchangers.

Power flushing can help eliminate these problems and is recommended every 5-6 years.

If you are installing a new boiler in Fareham then you will need to have the central heating system power flushed as many boiler manufacturers will only guarantee the boiler if it is being installed into a clean system. It is also recommended if you are installing new radiators too.

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What are the signs that your system needs power flushing?

There are some telltale signs that your system needs to be power flushed:

  • If you find cold spots on your radiators even after bleeding
  • If it takes a long time for radiators to warm up
  • If your boiler is noisy
  • If your radiators need regular bleeding
  • If your central heating system is inefficient


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What are the benefits of power flushing ?

What are the benefits of power flushing?

Power flushing your system could give new life to your central heating in Fareham. There are several benefits to a power flush which include:

  • pipes and radiators will get hotter quicker
  • you will have a more cost efficient system
  • there will be less stress on the boiler
  • in-turn this will increased life of the boiler
  • heat will be distributed more evenly throughout the home


So if your central heating system isn’t performing the way it should be or you are installing a new boiler or new radiators, then make sure you get your system power flushed before problems occur.

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